Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Embedding Processing.js in blogger

I spent the day trying to get a Processing.js sketch to show in Blogger. The problem is that the sketch as exported by the Processing IDE is composed of several files, which cannot reside inside Blogger itself. The solution I adopted here is to host the sketch in another computer and embed it here as an "iframe". The result is shown below. The sketch itself builds an animated symmetric Mandala based on a curve drawn by the user.
  1. Just draw a single curve by clicking and dragging with left button.
  2. Clicking the with right button changes the drawing according to where on the screen the mouse is:
    • Top Right : changes colors randomly.
    • Top Left : next symmetry mode
    • Bottom Right: increases number of copies (symmetry number)
    • Bottom Left: decreases number of copies.

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